Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Live Writer/Blogger Errors

I continue to have trouble blogging these days.  It is so frustrating and it makes me cranky.  I got an error 403 a few days ago and then yesterday I got an error 500 while trying to post the Nature Photo Linky Party.  I honestly can’t remember how I fixed the error 403.  I think I went to blog options in Live Writer and entered my account information and it worked.  I googled and read that others fixed their error by creating a Live Writer Album in Picasa.  I was really confused by their solution and wondered why I never had to do it before so I am glad I didn’t follow the advice I read.

The same thing happened with error 500.  The solutions I read wanted me to create some FTP thing and I totally didn’t understand it nor did I want to.  Instead I just made my account where I had to sign in every time rather than blogger remembering my password.  That seemed to be the solution. 

I wonder why I have rocked along all this time and I am just now having so many problems?  I hope this is the end of them.  I did want to pass the word on the error 500 in case anyone else had the same problem. 

Don’t forget to link up to the Nature Photo Party.  It will end Wednesday at 6pm central time.

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