Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How To Easily Make A Lamp Taller

I should be packing for my upcoming vacation, but I am still changing out my bar area in my kitchen instead.  I mentioned I would like a flat screen tv instead of our big boxy one.  Target just happened to have a really good sale on the size I needed and it was the last one so I bought it. 

One thing leads to another and my lamp that use to sit on my boxy tv was too short to sit beside the new tv.  It gives off better light if it sits up tall and it is dim in my kitchen/dining area. 

Here is a before photo from another post.


You can see the lamp sitting on top of the old boxy tv. 

Here is the new tv and taller lamp.


I had a candle holder and I glued it to the base of the lamp.

IMG_1153 copy

To keep the cord neat I used black hair bands to hold it down on the back of the candle holder.

IMG_1167 copy

I am not too crazy about the greenery at the base, but my cable cord was bothering me because I couldn’t hide it.  I have some other ideas to try when I have more time.



And that is how you make a lamp taller. 



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