Saturday, March 19, 2011

1st Step of the Hutch Transformation. This Time for Real.

Many many months ago (July) a procrastinator blogger said she was going to redo her hutch and her dining area. I did manage to make some window treatments and get a new rug back in September that you can see here, but I have put off redoing the hutch. I am scared. It is a built in and I can't change it once it is done. I keep seeing inspiring photos of painted black furniture and learned about some paint that I ordered that makes me less scared.

Today I removed the cabinet doors on the upper part of the hutch to give it an open feel. I plan on leaving them off.

IMG_6526-copy copy



Doors removed.

IMG_6531 copy

IMG_6533 copy

Can you say messy???  I have some organizing to do in those open cabinets.  And I have a plan to help hide the mess.  Winking smile

Ok this time I am really going to do it. I will redo my hutch and get it painted.  I will.

My husband will think I have lost my mind in the morning when he gets home from his 24 hour shift and sees the doors are gone. 



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