Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bread Box Love

My friend Amy @ All Things Home is the sweetest blogger I know.  Her home is full of beautiful vintage finds and her heart is full of God and family.  Her blog is a mix of both. 

Here is a hint of what you will find in her blog. 

How simple and pretty are these bottles?

bottles copy

Well lucky for us she has opened an Etsy shop so we all have a chance to purchase her great vintage finds. 

Wanna see what I got from her shop?  I ordered it and  was on my porch just a couple of days later. 

I never say squeal on my blog, but I am telling you when I pulled my bread box out of the box noises escaped.  Happy happy noises.  And then when I placed my wonderful box on my  hutch it was a perfect fit. 

Her prices are great too.  I can’t believe I got such a great vintage item for only $15. 

Alright let me just show you how wonderful it is.

IMG_6919 copy

IMG_6920 copy

Do you see the green sides?  Green!!!

IMG_6921 copy

And rusty worn metal.  My other favorite. 

IMG_6922 copy_edited-1

Cool storage on top.

IMG_6923 copy

And bottom.

IMG_6926 copy

Love this little latch. 

IMG_6931 copy

IMG_6934 copy

I still have plans to paint this hutch, but a little hitch got in my way for now, but soon it will happen.

I know you wish you had my bread box.  Sorry.  You can go visit her Etsy shop and find your own treasure.  She treasure hunts often so her shop will always have new things. 

Click below to visit her shop.

Amy’s All Things Home Etsy Shop



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