Monday, March 14, 2011

It’s a Portrait Party

Did you all have fun taking portraits?  What about a self portrait?  I found that to be really hard.

Just so you can see how bad some of mine were here’s a before and then after I changed it up in photoshop elements.  I was trying to show myself on my computer. 


If you got a self portrait then share it and if you don’t then that’s ok too. 

I wanted to take some new photos to share with you and I was running out of time.  My father in law and step mother in law came over so my husband could wash their van.  I took some photos of them in the front yard while they were here.  I figured you were tired of seeing pics of my son and dog and needed new faces.  So my in laws are no nonsense kinda people and it shows.

Here’s my father in law.


He was sitting on his scooter (he is disabled) in my front yard.  It was a bad time of day to take pics, but I was limited on time so what do you do?

I got him smiling in this one.


My stepmother in law, Claudia, hates to have her picture taken.  I was shocked when she said I could take one.  She said since she just got a haircut she might as well let me.  She is definitely a no nonsense kinda person.


While I was outside I noticed my neighbor’s kids playing in their yard and asked if I could take their pic.  They were a little worried since they were still in their pajamas and I told them nobody would be able to tell.  Their momma is out of town.  Their dad posted a pic of the groceries they bought last night.  All junk food.  She is gonna die when she gets back.  The kids are really cute and the photos turned out pretty good considering it was a bad time of day to take them and they were still in their pjs.



I didn’t get the little boy in focus as well as I would have liked, but they are cute kids and very photogenic.



Adorable aren’t they?

Remember this time Judith @ Creating Balance, one of the winner’s from the black and white party, will be judging this week’s entries.


She will decide on her favorite or favorites Wednesday night. 

It’s your turn.  Who did you take portraits of? Link up!



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