Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Self Portraits. What I Learned.

I need to keep my day job as a dental hygienist because a model I am not!

I attempted the self portraits twice. 

The first time I had my camera on auto focus and it only worked if I had my husband sit in my chair and I focused on him and using the auto timer I would push the button and quickly sit in the chair my husband had been occupying.

This didn’t always work and I got a ton of out of focus photos.  I managed to get two shots that were ok.  I played with the background in photoshop to make them more fun. 


I took this photo and added this texture to it so it would be more interesting because it very much looks like a boring yearbook photo to me.

IMG_5555 copyBokeh1

Here it is with the edges softened.

IMG_5555 copyreg-1

I took these pics using a large window for lighting.  I think natural light is much more flattering to your eyes and skin. 

So tonight after a long day at work and in my natural pony tail with hair falling out of it, I took some more photos. 

It was late and the sun was making funky shadows on me and the wall, but I took my self portraits anyway. 

I tried to use some props to make myself relax and to represent me.  I also used manual focus and the self timer.  It worked much better.  I focused on the chair I used to sit in.

I am always coming up with ideas so I used a light bulb as my first prop.  I could never get it above my head in a decent photo so it is next to my head. 


Somehow I figured out how to make it look lit in photoshop. 


Isn’t that fun? 

My second prop was a paint brush.

IMG_5717 copy

I am not holding in in a natural way and it doesn’t look relaxed.  It looks like I am about to hit and kill something with it! 

I did a few edits to make this photo have different looks to it.

Black and white.


Vintage look.


I found a graffiti photo and used it for a background to go with my paint brush.  I also cropped it a bit.


To sum it up use a tripod, the self timer and manual focus.  Get some props and see if you are more comfortable posing in front of the camera.  Add your self portrait to your portrait post and share with us if you thought it was easy or not and any tips you learn. 



Photo Challenge Self Portrait @ The Paper Moma


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