Friday, March 18, 2011

Antiquing In Pampa, TX

Yesterday my son wanted to go to a town about an hour from here and check out the antique shops.  We were a little disappointed, but it was still fun to have a day to spend together. 

We found abut 5 shops and one thrift store.  I only got photos of one antique shop.  It was really unusual. 

IMG_6395 copy

A nice older man owns and runs the shop.  It had a few items like old bottles and pottery that I liked, but it was mostly rocks and fossils. 

Hence the dinosaurs out front.

IMG_6396 copy

IMG_6398 copy

My son found a 1996 Coca Cola bottle for $1 he bought.  I think he wants to drink it, but I really don’t want him to.

IMG_6453 copy_edited2 copy

In another shop, I found a printer’s tray.  One of our antique shops has some printer blocks that I think I will add to the tray.

IMG_6431 copy

I grouped it with my new printable I made (click here to get it)

IMG_6413 copy

and my lovely art my friend made for me.  See it here.

IMG_6464 copy

I also found a Wallace ironstone small white pitcher.

IMG_6440 copy

It will be great for fresh flowers. 

We had lunch in the popular Coney Island Café that has been open since 1933.

IMG_6391 copy

I loved the red stools.

IMG_6385 copy

IMG_6387 copy

I ordered a hotdog and my son wanted a cheeseburger.  He was content sucking down his Coke while waiting for the burger.  He is addicted to them and I have to limit how many he gets.  That’s why I think he wants to drink his 1996 bottle of Coke.

IMG_6388 copy_edited-1

It was just a fun place to sit and look around.


Thanks for stopping by.  Do you have any big plans for spring break?



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