Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Dog Ate My Project

Want a new way to distress your furniture?  Let a dog eat it!  My friend gave me a table that her daughters borrowed while they were in college.  Their dog used it as a chew toy so they put some tape on it to prevent more chewing.

Exhibit A 

The Tape


Exhibit B 

The Damage

IMG_5488 copy_edited-1

I sanded the rough chewed area (the other side was chewed and taped as well).

IMG_5494 copy

And it looks better.  There are some bite marks above this area that look like worm holes. 

IMG_5493 copy

I hope to try and redo this little table over the weekend and find out if dog eaten furniture can still look good.  Would you bet for or against it? 



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