Sunday, January 23, 2011

To Be Junk Or Not To Be Junk?

You may remember some rusty stuff I got at a sale this past summer.  I still don’t know what to do with it, but I hang on to it just waiting.  Well Donna at Funky Junk has not only done a link this week at her Saturday Night Special party (yes I am late to the party), but she is also having a copycat challenge.  I may use this post for both. 

So I had this rusty stuff and I love numbers.  I love the number 2, but was just not feeling it today. Move over 2 there is a new number in town.  I don’t even like odd numbers so I don’t know why the #3 kept calling to me. 

I took a scrap board and painted it with off white paint, glazed it with dark brown and added extra glaze to the edges.  Next I stenciled a 3 and hammered in a nail and hung my rusty stuff on the board. 

Instant Junk Art that is functional.

Wanna see? 



What could you do with the hook thing you ask?  Why put your keys on it.


I switched it out with another rusty thing.  I just took the first one off the nail.


And added this thing.


It could hold a towel maybe? 

I couldn’t let my cute 3 stencil I made go to waste so I used it on a galvanized box with a lid that my father in law made when he was in his early 20s.  I am going to put it in my son’s room if when he let’s me redo it.




What do you think?  Is it Funky Junk?  I think so. 



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