Sunday, January 9, 2011

Decorative Box Makeover. More Blue.

This room has been fun and to change because so far I have used things I already have. It has cost me 2 bottles of acrylic paint.  It is amazing how painting something will change the entire look of a room. 

I already had the fan, I repainted a chair, and now I painted a little box I also already owned to add another splash of color to the room.  I used a different technique painting the box.  On the chair I just mixed my blue and black to get a darker blue.  You can see that here

With the box I used the blue and then added a black glaze.  I got the same tone as the chair, but the black glaze fills the lines in the texture of the box which makes it look more interesting.  I took photos so I could show you.

Here is the box that I started with.


I painted it with the French Blue.  You can see a photo of the paint in the link above for the chair.


See how it is just flat and no interest at all?

I made up my own glaze.


  It took about a tablespoon of glaze to do this.  I squirted about 2/3 glaze to 1/3 paint on a paper plate and mixed them together and then painted the glaze all over the box and then wiped it off with a damp paper towel.


Much better.  It deepens the blue and it gives interest to the lines in the box. 

I placed it in the room to see if it worked.





It works for me.  Now I need to work on the pillow when I find time to pull out my sewing machine.  I found the fabric that I think will work. 


Did you notice the boxes seem like they don’t have a background?  I tried a little experiment to get that look and it worked. 

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