Saturday, January 29, 2011

How to Get Ready for the Macro Party

Don’t forget about the Macro party next Tuesday February 1st.


Today is gorgeous outside in the panhandle of Texas.  It is about 73 degrees.  Yesterday was about 67.  I hear snow is headed our way next week though.  Sad smile

I took advantage of the sunshine and snapped some photos outside in about 10 minutes to practice macro shots.  I took them in auto mode using my little flower setting. 

macrosave copy

Here’s what I found in my front yard.

A weed.

IMG_4224 copy

Some grass.

IMG_4226 copy


IMG_4225 copy

The top of a plant that looks kind of like a flower.


And a feather.  I will show you 2 shots.  One is the first shot and the 2nd is the after I cropped it and it made it appear more macro like.

IMG_4229 copy-1

Same feather cropped.

IMG_4229 copy

One of my readers had a great idea.  Post your photos if you are happy with them or not.  Ask for tips if you struggled and see what comments will help you.  Everything is a learning process right?  Another tip to help show definition with your macro shots is use the sharp tool on your photo editing program. 

I hope you snap some photos and join in. 




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