Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Linky Party Review

Thanks so much for linking up to my white background photo party.  It was really fun to see an idea in action. 

My first link was from Debbie @ Debbiedoos blogging and blabbing.

My favorite photo she shared is the flower vase that shows the bubbles on the flower stems. 

Next was my friend Anita @ Going a Little Costal.  She got a new camera for Christmas and she is doing great with it.  Here’s her shot.

cream sugar 3

Vicki @ Rusty Rooster Vintage did some great shots of Valentine’s tags.  It’s amazing how a white background really shows off a project or an object.


Then Kim @ Savvy Southern Style joined in and showed off a bird and a bull.  I noticed a bull figurine in the Ballard’s catalog.  Kim seems to have what’s cool before the catalogs do.  She’s savvy like that.

Here’s her bird shot.

Candace @ Crafty Sisters made some amazing lollipops and took amazing photos.  She used freezer paper for her white background and it worked great.

Bonnie @ Creative Decorating did a great job using meat packing paper and she just curved the paper which eliminated a line to get rid of.  I think it worked great.

I really do appreciate the participation and comments that I helped teach a new trick. 



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