Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ballard Inspired Table Top

There is something about about string, twine, jute etc. that I like.  I think it is the texture and look of it and yet it has function.  Anyway, I have had these things sitting in and around or stored in my house.  While browsing through the Ballards catalog, I noticed they have a thing for string too. 

Here is the catalog photo that caught my attention.


So I thought I would join in Donna’s Funky Junk SNS Table Top Theme using my string. 

First I placed my items on my bench.




Isn’t string pretty?  I got the tall one at Walmart in the fabric department and the thick stuff to the right is upholstery cording.

Next I placed my string on a metal tray on my coffee table.


Who knew string could make such a lovely table top vignette.  (I dislike that word for some reason.) 

One more thing.  My son plays with this harmonica that is missing the top and bottom.


Look how cool it looks like that.  Makes a neat addition to a grouping of old things doesn’t it?


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