Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dry Erase Board Redo

A while back I made a dry erase board using burlap.  I really like it, but I thought the board would be a perfect opportunity to add some more blue into my guest room. 

I am tired and just couldn’t get a get photo.  It is hard to photograph glass. 


Here is the BEFORE board.


When I am tired of the blue I just simply remove the material that is wrapped around the burlap.

I also lightened up my blue chair.  I just wasn’t liking how dark it was and brushed on some watered down off white paint and I like it much better.  It took 5 minutes and was dry in 5 minutes.  Love that kind of project. 



You can see the brush strokes. I like that look.  Have you ever lightened something up with watered down white paint?  If not give it a try.




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