Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tale of a Scale: A Wonderful Storage Problem Solution

Sometimes as a decorating/craft blogger I feel lost in a sea of previous projects.  There is only so many places in a home to display creations.  Today I am tackling a storage closet and attempting some organization in my life.  This is a necessary job, but it is not fun. 

What is a fun way to help your hoarding storage problem?  Let other bloggers have the things you no longer use and they love.  My new blogging friend Michelle at Emerald Cove noticed my scale was missing from my dining area when I did my makeover. 

Before with scale.



After without scale.


I thought the scale would be too much with the new window treatments and my kitchen dining area just doesn’t have a lot of room to hang it in another place.  So I sadly removed it and it placed it under my laundry pool table.

It stayed there until Michelle gave me a sweet comment about my makeover and how she loved the scale.  That was our first encounter.  I thought to myself how silly it is for something someone loves to sit under a pool table and decided she must have it.  I emailed her asking if she wanted it and she said yes.  She agreed to pay the shipping charge and now it  has an awesome home, and an awesome makeover. 

She knew the green wouldn’t work in her  dining/kitchen redo so she painted it. 

If you haven’t seen her makeover you should.  It has been featured a few times because it is just that great. 

Here is a little glimpse. 

Isn’t it fantastic.  I know you want to see more so I will provide you a link here.

Ok now you need to see the scale.


Doesn’t it look so good?  Even though I am a lover of all things green I think the black is perfect.   I love her pumpkins and fall floral stems sitting in the basket.

So Michelle gets a new scale and I get a new blogging friend that has been singing my praises even though she did me a favor by taking something I would have struggled to store. 

So what do you do with all of your projects/crafts no longer on display?  We all need to know!



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