Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Seagrass Basket Storage

Way back in March I did a little basket makeover.  It looked like this.


It turned out really cute.  I was so tricky and put cording and twine on top of my junk to hide it.  It worked pretty well until my junk started growing out of control and up until tonight my basket looked like this.


And my camera wouldn’t fit in the basket so the camera bag was always sitting out.


I needed some lotion from Walmart and decided to check out the basket selection while I was there.  I found some great seagrass baskets that were a set for $16.  They have lids to hide my junk.  Yippeee!


They are a great size for holding things like all of my camera equipment.


And they fit perfectly under my side table.


They are much better at hiding my stuff and there is still room in them.  I might have to go get another set for under my new bench in the dining area.  They could hold things like potatoes and onions.

I also found a great candle for $6.  The jar is really pretty and it smells good.  Candles can be pricey so I appreciate a good  find.


The sticker peels off.


And the lid is cute too.


Have you found any good bargains lately?



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