Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall Porch Decorating Pt 2 The Mailbox Makeover From You Know Where

My new fall arrangement clashed with my mailbox.  It was dirty and in need of a makeover anyway.

The red wasn’t working and I have a ton of diamonds on my front porch.  The mailbox is probably overkill.  When I painted the diamonds I used a cardstock cut out and outlined each one of them and hand painted them all.  I thought it needed a sealer so I attempted to spray the mailbox with clear paint, however, I picked up the black paint and had an overspray of black all over my diamonds.  This is important information for the rest of this story.

Ok so here is the before picture.


So I thought I will give it a quick coat of a paint and there you go.  All done.  Oh no.  That is not what happened.

  I will show you the after and then tell you the story.




I bet you are thinking what could possibly be hard about that?   I think sometimes the simplest of things can be the most difficult. 

It all started when I watered the backyard so I had to take my spray paint and cardboard to the front yard with my bed hair and no makeup self. 

I gave the mailbox a coat of Krylon in the color brown boots.  It worked for my suitcase but looked hideous on the mailbox.  Well maybe if I clear coat it then it will look better.  Nope worse.  I wondered what oil rubbed bronze would look like?  Great until I hung it and it as just too dark.  Ok espresso brown will work.  Nope think again.   How about heirloom white.  Ummmm NO!  

By the way my neighbor happens to go outside every time I do and sees me painting my mailbox with my no makeup bed hair over and over again.  He keeps asking me if I am sniffing paint.

Ok I am out of spray paint options.  I am realizing the initial color of the mailbox that was used on the house trim seemed to work best.  Problem is I don’t have anymore of it and I am trying to get the mailbox back up before the mail gets delivered.  That didn’t happen.  The mailman had to ring the doorbell to give us the mail.   So now my neighbor and the mailman think I am crazy.

I found some acrylic country tan.  It takes several coats.  I am liking it.  I used some rub on spanish copper for the plate which has also had a ton of different colors sprayed on it today.  Ok that works.  I glue my new house numbers on the plate. 

And now I can’t find the screws.  I dig in the garage until I find some replacements.  Do you know that rub on paint will not work on shiney new screws?  I have to give them a coat of paint and then use the rub on.  Ok maybe it all needs a clear coat especially since it is just craft paint on the mailbox.  I reach for my clear paint and give it a spray of OIL RUBBED BRONZE!  Yep I did.  I even thought about this mishap earlier when I sprayed the brown boot colored paint with the clear paint.   Only I am aimless enough to make this mistake not once but twice.  I never learn. 

Here is a little bit of over spray I missed when I repainted again!  Yep again. 


So if you don’t like my mailbox makeover please don’t tell me.  I just might cry.  Am I the only one that has such a hard time with simple projects?




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