Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Find It Game Knock Off

Do bloggers ever buy anything already made or do we all look at something and think how easily we could make it ourselves?  I don’t know if it the thrill of the try or the fun in making it for less, but I think we all love this kind of challenge. 

I was at my hair appointment last week and while waiting I noticed a colorful game called Find It.  It was a clear cylindrical tube with small colorful bead like pieces filling the container with different items mixed in.  The object is to turn it and look for the items until you find them all.  For some reason anything metal like a penny is the most difficult to find. 

The website (click here) has different themed games.

FindIt Group

This is the one I played with.

My mind went crazy trying to think how to make this.

I ate the last of some peanut butter at work today and thought it would make a great container for my knock off game.  I stopped at Walmart to get some colored beads, charms and alphabet beads.



IMPORTANT!  These metal charms below do not work well.  The website talks about how hard it is to find the penny and different strategies to find it.  I think foam rubber would  work really well for this game but not metal objects.


I dug through drawers and my son’s room to find stuff to put in my jar.


I ended up using one metal charm (the star) and a penny so there would be a couple of challenging items.   I also put each letter of the alphabet in the jar. 

I made a list of all the items and printed it on colorful paper.  I drew a circle using the top of the empty jar and cut it out.


I rubbed on some Mod Podge to stick it to the lid.


And now I have a fun game to take to work so the bored children that come with their parents to dental appointments will have something to do.  I think it would be a good idea to glue the lid on.  I just haven’t yet. 


So let’s play!

Here is the button.


The car, rubber band and globe.


The frog and dice.


The toy soldier, marble and lego.


Eraser and golf tee.


And a few letters.


I am sure you are tired of finding it and looking at all of these photos so I will end this post.  I think these could make fun Christmas gifts or they would be great for traveling. 

What would you put in the jar? 


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