Monday, September 27, 2010

Bathroom Art Gone Wrong and a Funny

I am going to make a wooden sign for my bathroom soon.  I had an idea for some “free” art too.  I had this decorated canvas that was really pretty, but I never seemed to like it anywhere in my home. 


I thought I would paint the edges


and then use Mod Podge to glue toiletry silhouettes to the canvas. 


It didn’t work so well.  It is wrinkly and can’t be smoothed.   I am wondering if it would have worked on wood. 




It was all going well until the Mod Podge.  Have you ever had any trouble with the stuff?  The idea was good in theory just bad on canvas.

Ok this is hilarious and I had to share it.

  Back in April I painted a shelf in my son’s room from red to navy on a whim.  I never asked him.  I just did it.  He was so mad.  He said he liked the red.  He still isn’t over it.  I was putting clean sheets on his bed last night and found a note inside his bookcase head board.


It says:


Hey mom when you find this you will be trying to paint this blue and probably without my permission like you did my SHELF.  Well I SAY  (other side)


Are you laughing out loud???  I kept snickering about this note all day at work. 

I hope to show you projects that turn out better later.


Amy from Mod Podge Rocks was kind enough to email me how.  Here is the email she sent to me so all of you can know what to do as well.  Thanks Amy!

1.  Prep the canvas - if it's a plain canvas, paint it either with gesso or acrylic paint.  If it's got something on it already, remove it as best you can (even lightly sand if you can) and then prep with gesso or acrylic paint.  Allow to dry.
2.  Spread a medium layer of Mod Podge over the canvas wherever the paper goes.  With canvas especially, you want to make sure that you have enough Mod Podge.  More is better than less!
3.  Put the paper down immediately and smooth, smooth, smooth.  Wipe away any excess Mod Podge that comes out the sides with your brush.  Mod Podge dries quickly, so you may need to add more Mod Podge to some of the edges and/or corners.
4.  Here's the trick to Mod Podging on canvas - it gives in the middle, so you'll need to turn the canvas over and smooth from the back.  I use a brayer, but a credit card works as well.  You may want to have the canvas on wax paper so that it doesn't stick to whatever surface you are working on.
5.  Now let the canvas with the paper dry for 15 - 20 minutes.  Don't put the top coat on until it's dry.
6.  Now that the canvas is dry, you can put a top coat on.  Let it dry - even if you see wrinkles, they will most likely go away when the project is completely dry. 
Read this post for wrinkle reduction and that should help too:
Read these tips and I hope they help!!
Mod Podge Rocks!




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