Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Freezer Paper

The X-Acto Knife is not my friend.  I didn’t do a very good job cutting out my stencil.  Maybe with practice I will get better.  Maybe soon I won’t have to because I will own a cutting machine.  Does anyone have the Silhouette and use it with Windows 7?  It seems like the better machine because you don’t have to buy those expensive cartridges, but I am unsure about trying to get it to work with my computer that has Windows 7. 

Anyway, back to the freezer paper and the X-Acto knife.  I want to make some pillows and do a print with freezer paper.  I am feeling extremely lazy and I don’t want to cut out the pattern tonight so I tried the freezer paper on a shirt for my son. 

He likes guns.  His dad likes guns.  His grandpa likes guns.  I know some people don’t like them and that’s ok too.   

His favorite gun is a Thompson Machine Gun.

So I printed one.


Placed the freezer paper over it and tried my best to cut it out.

Ironed the waxy side down onto the shirt.


Used a stencil brush and some black acrylic paint and then peeled of the freezer paper.  I didn’t get photos of these steps.  Sorry.


I thought my son would really like it, but he wasn’t too impressed because I was limited with the size I could print.  You can tell in this pic that he is less than thrilled.


You can’t win them all.  At least I know it works and that I need a lot of practice. 



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