Sunday, April 3, 2011

Angled Photography Ideas

I really think this next party is going to be tons of fun.  The party will be April 12th so you have plenty of time to snap those photos and create a post. 

Every time I take a photo I feel like I learn something.  That’s what these parties are all about.  Getting out your camera and capturing moments.  Practice does make perfect.  I think changing your perspective and using different angles will open your eyes to a whole new photography world and really step up your pics. 

For this post I am borrowing photos from other sites to show you examples of angled photos.  Different angles create interest and give an artistic effect.  While you are taking photos try a straight on shot and then try the same shot at different angles and see which ones you like better.  Your post would be really fun if you show straight on verses your angled shots so everyone can learn from them. 

I found this great website called DP Shots (Digital Photography Shots).  Most of the examples shown on the site were taken with a wide angle lens which makes them even more dramatic and copied from the website.

In these examples the photographer tilted the camera up to create these fabulous shots.


Classic by Nixonnusmaxus


Eiffel by Scott Stulberg


Reach by almiller


Tranquil by mushed potato

Then there is the ground level shot. Get on ground leve with the object usually an animal or baby that you are photographing  and shoot straight or angle a bit upward to get the shot. 


Kangaroo court by Hotburrito2


Cows by DreamCa7cher


Solny by tisbone

You can also take some cool shots looking down.  Get on some stairs, a ladder, chair, table, etc and shoot downward.

Forest Scene by GFXPUNK


Sistene Stairs by photodan


The side angled shot seems to be a favorite with bloggers.  I use it more than I ever think about the other angles.  (But I am going to try new angles from now on.)

Recently I took a photo of my little car and tried to make it look artistic.


And then last night I took a this side angle photo of my pillow that I made.


And finally tilted shots.  This is where you hold your camera at an angle.  I have learned that this technique is actually called a Dutch angle. 


The Remains by gilad


Image found at the Digital Photographer shot by

Deo Patilinghog

If you angle your shoot just right you might get a really fun photo like these examples.


So there you have it.  If these amazing photos don’t inspire you to go try some angled shots, then grab some coffee and try to get motivated.  I really want to see what you all come up with. 

I hope to see you on the 12th. 




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