Saturday, August 20, 2011

YES Photo Prop

Because I am a pretty muted colored person and mostly paint in green, it is fun when I get to use vibrant pretty colors on a project.  I have been asked to take some engagement photos soon and I wanted to come up with some fun ideas. 

I found this chipboard letters at Hobby Lobby for half off.

IMG_1837 copy

I picked out my three fun colors.

IMG_1842 copy

And painted my letters.

IMG_1866 copy

I couldn’t find a couple on short notice to pose for me so I used the puppy.  I am pretending I asked her if she would quit chewing stuff she isn’t suppose to chew and would she start sleeping in on the weekends.  In my pretend world she is saying “YES”. 


But for my real photos I want to take I thought it would be fun to have a couple hugging or kissing with the YES somewhere in the photo.  Do you think I should glaze the letters or keep them simple, clean and bright? 


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