Saturday, August 27, 2011

DIY High School Shirt For Football Games

My best friend for 26 years lives hours from me (so sad), however, we keep in touch.  On facebook she  commented how she wanted a shirt for the football games.  Her idea had a little twist.  She wanted it to say “I am here for the band” because her son is a freshman in the band.  I told her I could make her a shirt using my Cricut.


She wanted the initials of the school on it too. 


I wish I had listened to my instincts and put the LV on the back and the “I am here for the band” on the front, but I thought I could be talented and overlay them.  It works, but I still wish I had listened to myself. 

I used the iron on freezer paper technique and acrylic craft paints.


See it’s hard to see the L with all the letters covering it and I got it a bit off center. 

Just for fun, here is Becky wearing her shirt. 


Do you make your own shirts for sporting events?  Do you ever wish you had listened to your instincts?



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