Sunday, August 7, 2011

Body By Blogging. Not a Good Thing.

Most of my adult life I have exercised.  I tend to take some extended time off here and there, but seem to bounce back just fine.  Now that I am in my 40s the bounce isn’t so quick.  When I started blogging I maintained my exercise routine, but the more I blogged the more I wanted to blog.  That means that exercising got put on the back burner.  I am a working mother so there is just so much time in the day.  Projects came first and my health last. 

Last summer I still looked pretty fit.  Thank goodness because I spent a week at the beach in bikinis.

After vacation is when I seemed to really let myself go.  I have put on some weight in my thighs, abdomen and the dreaded back fat areas.  When I packed for this year’s vacation in the mountains, several pairs of shorts had to stay at home because they were too tight and uncomfortable.  At least no bikinis were involved!  Smile

I still like blogging, but I have finally learned to blog when I want to and when I have time.  Yesterday I was going to paint my stool, but I did errands with my son and we hung out instead.  Also for the last week and a half my son and I have been doing a new workout together.  It’s called Insanity.


It is a 63 day workout.


I didn’t start on a Monday so my calendar is off.  Today I get to do Cardio Recovery.  It’s a bit of a break.  Not so intense.  I can’t do all of the exercises to the full extent like moving pushups.  I usually do girl push ups and try to throw some regular ones in there when I can. 

My goal is to complete it and then get back to my regular gym and running schedule where I work out more days than not instead of the other way around. 

I will have to let you know if this workout was a success after my 63 days.  Maybe telling you all I am doing it will be the motivation I need to stick with it.  I do know that even though sweat pours down my face sweating every time I do Insanity, my scales have stayed the same since day one.  I have read that the results come at the end of the program. 

So have you let yourself go since you have been blogging?  Does it bother you?  Do you have any exercise or diet plans in your future? 



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