Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ballard Horse Weather Vane Knock Off

Lately I have noticed horse home décor while browsing online.  I don’t know if it is up and coming or just catching my attention.  I am not a horse western kind of gal even though I live in Texas, but I have always found horses to be beautiful.   Change is good and when you do things on the cheap you can change things up whenever you want right?  So I am. 

I was checking out Ballard’s online catalog and spotted a horse weather vane for a table top.

horse vane

My lately cobwebbed mind dusted itself and formed an idea.  I knew I could recreate this for free instead paying the $149 Ballard price tag. 

I  gathered supplies that I already had:  3 pieces of black 12 x 12 cardstock paper, black spray paint, Mod Podge, glue, wooden skewers, a large paint mixing stick from Home Depot and my Cricut. 


My husband is in Colorado fishing in the fresh cool air, while I am stuck here in Texas in the 100 degree heat so I had to saw the paint stick myself and using the drill.  Actually I would have done it myself even if he was home.  I was just trying to get some sympathy. 

I found a design I could use on my Make the Cut program for my Cricut and cut out 3 horse silhouettes which I Mod Podged together.


Then I measured how long I wanted my stick and where to drill holes for the skewers.  I glued the skewers into the holes and let it all dry.  I sprayed a little black paint onto the base and then glued the horse to it.  And now I have a free horse vane decoration. 




Here is a close up of the base.

IMG_2593 copy

Love those books.   My father in law gave them to me.  He has had them since he was a young boy and he is now 81. 

Let’s do a little comparison of the $149 horse and the $0 horse.



I used foam core board to recreate the white background from the Ballard catalog.



Do you like to recreate things you find in catalogs? 


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