Monday, August 15, 2011

The Black Hole, The Monster, The Money Pit, Ready For Some Football

I am not really sure what to call this post.  It’s all about our new TV.  Our old Monster TV bit the dust Saturday so my normally thrifty husband and I went shopping for a replacement.  You would think it would be as simple as get rid of 7 year old TV and replace with new TV.  Not so much. 


(Image by Jaxine Cummins found @ Lincum)

First of all our old TV was a big rear projection monstrosity that had a built on base and looked like this.

IMG_1676 copy

I never liked all that silver, but after awhile you just get use to looking at something even if you don’t like it.  We bought the entertainment center 7 years ago when we got the TV.  So anyway, new TVs don’t have a big base and there are choices of LCD, LED and Plasma.  We needed to find a base to place the TV on and then decide on what kind of TV to buy. 

Our entertainment center happens to still be in production so we got lucky and found the base in stock on the showroom floor.



It had some scratches and dings it it, but they were hardly noticeable and they knocked off $120.  SOLD!

Our trip to Best Buy turned out to be an expensive one.  We chose a plasma television and it’s big.  Husbands really like big TVs.  Then you have to buy HDMI cables for your cable box and one for your new free Blu-ray dvd player.  Of course you need some Blu-ray dvds (I picked all of the Rocky movies and Saving Private Ryan.  I love me some Rocky and WWII history) to go with your new free player.  Oh and a speaker bar for good sound.  Last but not least is the $200 it cost to get your new expensive TV calibrated in a month.  Kinda reminds me of getting a new car and having to buy the floor mats and clear coat.  Luckily we had a really sweet college boy for a salesman and we enjoyed his personality while the cash register was going crazy. 

We got it all home and it only took us 9 hours to get it all to work.  4 hours that night and 5 hours the next day.  We had trouble with the Blu-ray working and we still are unsure how it magically fixed itself.  I am really worried I will never get my trim painted now because I don’t imagine my husband will let me move all of this stuff anytime soon. 

So here is all that money and work.

IMG_1740 copy_edited-1

IMG_1740 copytext2


I took these photos at different times of the day and I worked harder at getting a better pic of the after.  You sure can tell what trying to get the right white balance and using a tripod can do for a photo huh? 

The one thing leads to another effect happened as well.  I will be showing you some changes I made to compensate for the TV addition

Tonight I will be enjoying HGTV’s Design Star on the big screen.  I better enjoy it all I can before football season officially starts. 



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