Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Neighborhood Photo Tour #2 and Info For July’s Photo Party

Ready for another neighborhood tour and a photo party next week?  I hope so.  When I posted my first neighborhood tour (here) I had some suggestions that it would be fun to a do a linky party.  I agree so let’s do this.  My last photo tour I took photos of houses I liked and didn’t like.   I like all the ones in today’s photo tour. 

We will start with the most interesting.  There is an area most people refer to as the compound because the area is either fenced off, gated or surrounded by trees and it is very private.  I believe the dad gave lots to his kids and they all built homes in the compound.   I have never dared to enter the compound and I didn’t today.  I felt like a criminal taking photos of the boundary areas.  So the area will stay mysterious for me and you.

Here is the dad’s entrance.  I really like it.

IMG_2486 copy

I can see the steps leading up to the house easily but the trees really block the home’s view.  Keep in mind I live where trees are hard to come by so this is very unusual. 

IMG_2488 copy

IMG_2490 copy_edited-1

You can kind of make out a house in the photo below.

IMG_2487 copy_edited-1

This compound takes up and entire block.  Trees outline the front side of it.

This is just half of them.

IMG_2493 copy

There is a gate that divides the tree lined area  and a wooden fence.  It gives you a bit of a peak into the kid’s homes.

IMG_2495 copy

IMG_2498 copyIMG_2499 copy

To the left is an area that has trees that overhang the street a bit.  I like this spot.

IMG_2500 copy

At the end of this block begins the side of the compound.  It is one long fenced area.

IMG_2501 copy

The end of the fence is further down the road.  The corner where the fences meet is a cute area too.

IMG_2504 copy

So that’s the compound. 

Next is a house I pass all the time on my 3 mile route that I either walk or run.  Depends on the day and how I feel.  I always enjoy passing this home.

IMG_2505 copy

IMG_2516 copy

I love the front porch and the trimmed bushes.

IMG_2511 copy

Another pretty feature is the stamped and stained concrete.

IMG_2515 copy

Pretty isn’t it?  You can see why I have happy feet when I am on this sidewalk. 

This next house I like, but I think it is a little different and interesting.

IMG_2517 copy

I think it has an old fashioned feel. 

IMG_2518 copy

The willow looks good in the yard.  They don’t do well here because our high winds damage them. 

The last home is a beauty.  The windows are so cool.

IMG_2519 copy

IMG_2524 copy

IMG_2521 copy

IMG_2523 copy

I like that this three houses have entirely different looks even though they are all 2 story homes.  Which is your favorite? 

One more interesting photo.  This is an intersection in my neighborhood.

IMG_2526 copy

I wonder if the neighbors on these streets fight with each other?  Just kidding. 

So how about you join me for my 3rd and last neighborhood photo tour next week on July 19th.  Drive or walk through your neighborhood and show where you live.  You can link homes you like or dislike.   I will be showing you my favorite street in the entire neighborhood. 


I hope to see you there! 



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