Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Texture Tuesday


Kim Klassen Café is one of my favorite photo blogs.  She is so generous with her textures.  She sends at least one free texture every week to anyone who signs up (for free).  Recently she sent out a new texture called canvasback.

kim klassen canvas back

I used it twice on my image and then her texture called portrait once.


Kim’s theme for this week is 3.  I will never have 3 dogs.  Learning to manage 2 has been tricky but possible. The reason I shared this image was because I used 3 layers of texture and this photo was shot during our vacation last week in Colorado.  It was the 3rd time our older schnauzer has been on vacation with us.  She is a great traveler and I love having her with us.  It was an adjustment with the puppy, but she did great for being only 3 months old. (Another 3!) I love this moment where they were relaxing together in the door way.  I think they look so beautiful and you can’t tell that my older dog has cataracts in this shot and is blind.

I also wanna share a funny not so pretty photo of them.  They got dirty while on vacation so I gave them a bath.  They were so mad. 


I just laugh and laugh every time I look at this photo. 


Kim Klassen Café


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