Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Neighborhood Walk Series - Curb Appeal or Not? Pt 1

I take my dog for a walk most evenings and I always do the same route because I like to know how far I have walked.  Recently, my son has requested we change it up and pick different routes. 

My neighborhood was mostly built in the early 70s and most homes are traditional ranch style.  There are a few different styles of homes mixed in.   Most home in my neighborhood have nice curb appeal, but not all of them. 

I thought I would do a series of posts showing you different homes (good and bad)that I pass during my walks. 

This is my house.  The house faces west and the sun was setting so the photo isn’t so great.  Sorry.  My husband just finished mowing the lawn.  It’s his hobby. 


Now for the walking tour.

The brick on this house was painted I think 2 years ago.  New windows and white trim really changed and improved it.  I love the rocking chairs too.


Unfortunately, there is still an area that was left unpainted and it kind of drives me crazy. 


I am not sure why they haven’t painted under the bay window.

This next house is way different.  I think it is a French/Spanish style?  What do you think?


It almost looks like a hotel.  There are usually a ton of cars parked at this house.

Some homes have these flat roofs.  I am not a fan of this style, but I do think this home has nice curb appeal.


This is a very traditional type house found throughout the area.


I like the porch and ferns on this house.


I think this house looks like a great big box.  I don’t’ like how the  roof is more than half way down the side of your home.


You can hardly see the house because of the landscaping in this yard.  I thought this evergreen was interesting.


Once again I don’t favor this style of home, but I think it looks really nice.  I am shocked the pansies are surviving our record 100 plus degree highs and drought.


I have nothing nice to say about the trim color of this home so I will just go to the next house.


Kind of a cool and rustic front porch.


I have always admired this little row curve of shrubs in the landscaping of this home.


It also has a great front door.


Love the leaded glass. 

Did you enjoy the neighborhood tour?  Would you like to see more homes?  It was really fun.  My older dog loves walking fast or running so it was hard to get pics while walking without my son tonight, but I thought I did pretty well.  My new dog isn’t up for walks yet.   Our leash lessons aren’t going so well.

IMG_0683 copy

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