Saturday, July 23, 2011

Making Some Changes With Aqua In The Family Room

Lately I have been drawn to the color aqua and I wanted to add it to my living room.  I found some green pillows that go with existing chairs that I have had for awhile and some aqua ones too. 

I have some other plans, but I thought I would show you the pillows for now. 

IMG_0823 copy

IMG_0824 copy

IMG_0826 copy

Have you ever wondered why you haven’t seen my entire living area before?  I hate the orange oak trim.  Hate it!  I have the paint and primer.  I have had it for months, but I just can’t get myself to tackle it. I think I like to buy paint and talk about painting, but never paint.  That seems to be the way I roll.  Maybe making some of these changes will get my butt in gear. 

Here’s an idea of what this room would look like without the ugly trim.



Does anyone like to paint?  Anyone? 

I am looking forward to making more changes and sharing them with you.



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