Monday, July 18, 2011

Neighborhood Photo Linky Party

Did you get out and take photos of the homes in your neighborhood?  I hope so. 

The homes in my neighborhood were mostly built in the 70s.  I have 2 previous posts here and here showing you different tours.  I have also mentioned that I live where trees are hard to come by, but it is not as obvious in the older neighborhoods like mine.  My favorite street has an area that is tree lined and it has some of the biggest houses.  Of course there are other neighborhoods that have humungous homes, but these homes are big for the area I live in.

I will start off with one of my favorites.  This home is newer and built in the 90s in one of the last empty lots.  It is very custom and so pretty. 

IMG_0466 copy

There is a cute little bridge on the left side of the house.

IMG_0470 copy

And a large beautiful fountain on the right side.

IMG_0463 copy

IMG_0463 copy2

The door is gorgeous.

IMG_0469 copy2

IMG_0468 copy

The gutters are made of copper and they all have the green patina on them. 

IMG_0585 copy

IMG_0585 copy

Such a pretty home.  It is always decorated so nice for the different seasons.

The next house I will show you is across the street from house above. 

During the summer of 2008, the family of this home had just completed an extensive remodel and had just moved everything back into the home when the house caught on fire.  The wiring for the security system  caught fire and gutted the home. The system caught fire the day it was being installed.  The windows were blown out and at least half of the roof was totally gone.  The family once again lived elsewhere while the house was renovated this time inside and out.  It doesn’t even look like the same home.  I had a really hard time photographing the house because it was 8:30 in the morning and the sun was right above the roof line.  I had to hide behind the shade of trees to get some of the photos I took. 

Here’s the first shot with the intense sun.  I did get good sun flare, but I really didn’t want it.


Here are some other shots where I hid from the sun.

This is the left side of the home.  I love the flower beds and the rock accent on the columns. 

IMG_0575 copy_edited-1

The front.

IMG_0577 copy_edited-1

More of the home on the right side.  I didn’t hide from the sun very well here.

IMG_0576 copy_edited-1

And the entire house.


Look in the trees and you will see remnants of toilet paper.  I tried to get my photos on Saturday morning before everyone was out and about and this house had been toilet papered on Friday night so I had to go back on Sunday morning.  They missed a few pieces.  Smile

So that’s my last neighborhood tour post.  Now it is time to see yours.  I am looking forward to seeing all the different types of design and architecture. 




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