Saturday, November 20, 2010

Themed Christmas Table Pt 1-Chair Covers and The Bird Cage

Lately I have felt so overwhelmed and behind.  You have probably noticed I haven’t been posting as much as I normally do.  One thing that has kept me busy is the gathering of supplies for my Christmas Tea Table Contest coming up.  3 of us from my office are participating at a coworker’s church.  We decorate tables then the next day have brunch and listen to a speaker.  It is a great experience, but it seems to be so much work getting everything ready for a  table of 8. 

The church rents round tables and folding chairs.  I bought burlap sacks to cover my chairs and the more I thought about it the more guilty I felt.  I imagined my friends sitting at my table in their nice dress up clothes and leaving looking like they had been sitting with a shaggy dog because of my burlap covers.  So I went to plan B. 

I used a roll of brown paper to make covers for the tops of the folding chairs.  I will be making some pillows to sit in the chair and it will be part of the take home gift.  They will be burlap, however, I will let everyone know to put the pillow on the floor before they sit down. 

My theme is “Birds of a Feather Flock Together”.

I made 4 chair covers with my bird stencil from Hobby Lobby.


And 4 with my theme.  If you think the theme is too much let me know.  It can be removed easily.


I am going to alternate every other chair. 

Here is my birdcage that is part of the centerpiece.  I added Christmas greenery, battery lights and a cardinal. 


I will also be using some grapevine cone trees. 


I need to go work on my pillows and napkins.  I will show you those when I am finished.

You will love the post I will do when I get to see everyone’s tables.  They are always amazing. 




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