Sunday, November 7, 2010

Big Pine Cones

Yesterday I found a fun store called Gray is Grey.  Here’s his facebook link if you want to check out his store.  (Go here.)  I wish you could see his driftwood Christmas trees better in his photos.  They are so cool.

He had these beautiful pine cones all over the store.  I bought some for my Christmas Tea table I will be doing, but I knew I could use them at home too.  I found a neat wire basket to display them.  I also got one unique pinecone and placed it on a stand.  I don’t think I ever tire of pine cones.  They are one of my favorite pieces of nature. 







Here’s the detail of the unique pine cone.



Is anyone else kinda stuck between holidays?  I have already done my fall decorating and it feels kind of early to put out Christmas decor.  I don’t do Thanksgiving decor because it seems the same as fall. 

I have another project I need to start today that can be fall/winter.   My son and I visited the nearby school in the dark last night and trimmed dead pine tree branches for it.  I hope it works out after all that trouble.




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