Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Collection of Fireman Ornaments and A few Other Special Ones

I wanted to share my collection of fireman ornaments I started when my husband and I got married 14 years ago.   Now I am stuck with always having some red in my tree.  There are a few I didn’t get photos of, but here is the majority of them.


Are you blinded by all the red? 

I also have some of my mom’s ornaments.  She loved making them.  I have the ugliest one ever that was on our tree when I was a baby.  I think they covered the tree.  I just have one of them.  It is an ugly pink angel that is attached with a pipe cleaner.  I love her though and she will always have a spot on my tree.


Sad isn’t she? 

My mom and I made those window sun catcher type ornaments one year.  My son loves the one I made and always hangs it in front of a light.


One year my mom made clothes pin character ornaments.


We both painted some wood ornaments when I was little.


She made panty hose ornaments.


And we always painted ceramic ornaments.  I have some that I have done as an adult too.  This is my favorite one she made.  I can still remember sitting at the table as a little girl painting together. 


I had to buy a new tree.  I wanted a cute skinny one, but my son fell in love with this huge tree so that is what we got.  I am not sure what I think of it yet. 

Here she is finally decorated and lit up.


I guess I will always have a tree that can have any kind of ornament hung on the branches because my collections are sentimental to me. 

Do you have any special ornaments?



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