Sunday, November 7, 2010

DIY Pine Tree Topiaries

Are you like me and you walk into a store and see something you like and your first thought is how you can make it yourself?  I was in a cute store a couple of weeks ago and they had some of their Christmas decor out.  I spotted 3 pine tree topiaries and fell in love until I saw the sticker.  The smallest one was $49.00.  I like even numbers until it comes to items and then I like 3s.  There was a tall, medium and small.  I wanted them all, but I didn’t even dare look to see how much the other 2 cost.  I just stored the image in my mind and decided to try and make my own.
I mentioned in my last post that my son and I went tree pruning in the park last night.  We only took the dead branches.  I needed trunks for my topiaries and my son thought it would be fun to join me. 
Here’s our pile of dead branches.
Some of my faux greenery is mixed in.  I promise these branches were dead. 
I chose some straight ones and sawed them to get my trunks.  I stuck them in some old pots with styrofoam.
I had 6 pine tree floral stems.  I cut each piece of greenery off of the stem to get my topiary branches.  I had this great idea that I would glue them to the trunk. 
Don’t try it.  It doesn’t work.
I was about ready to give up when my husband suggested I drill small holes into the branch and strip some of the plastic off of the end of the stem, exposing the wire, so the branches would stick into the wood better.  It worked like a charm and I got pretty good at drilling 45 degree angled holes into small sticks.  I used hot glue to make sure they stayed.
I wrapped the pots with burlap and twine.
I already had the burlap, pots and free trunks so I think my project cost me less than $10 for all 3 topiaries.  That’s a huge savings.
Are you ready to see them?
Ok here they are.
In this photo you can see the individual stems stuck into the branch.
It looks they grew out of the branch doesn’t it?  Yay for the husband idea!  When his idea worked he told me that I had to mention him in this post.  :)
One more shot.
I think this project was a success. 
I put them in the closet until after Thanksgiving. 
Are you busy making your Christmas crafts and decor?


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