Friday, May 7, 2010

Lighting Up My Birdcage


I bought a decorative birdcage a while back and placed it on my painted suitcase.  I have been wanting to add a light in it and found one for $4.99 at JoAnn’s Fabric today.  It could have been 40 percent off if I had my coupon with me.  Dang.  I added some greenery, a nest and a bird.  Next to the cage are these things  I made that I guess  you could call finials. I glued some wooden candle holders to a wooden ball on one of them and on the other I glued a wooden block on the bottom to make it taller and added the wooden topper.    I painted them brown then red and finally green.  Do you ever paint and paint and paint and you still aren’t wowed?  I am not wowed, but I am satisfied with the green color.  So anyway if you have read my blog then you know I love lights.  So here is my newest light addition.






Beneath My Heart


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