Friday, May 7, 2010

Facing your fears

I work at a dental office and we try to do quarterly team events.  We went to Ceta Canyon Christian camp today.  They have a challenge course.  Last year we did the low ropes.  It consisted of  games that make you think and act like a team to complete a task.  This year we did the high ropes.  We were high in the air and tied to a rope.  Oh and the wind blew 30 to 40 mph gusts just to make it a little more challenging. 

Here is the main course.


We started off by climbing the rock wall.  I took a terrible point and shoot camera and the photos are not so good.  The sun was in the way of this photo, but it gives you an idea.


After we climbed the wall we zip lined across the field.  This is me on the zip line.


Then we did the flying squirrel.  One person was on one end of the rope and the rest of the team on the other end.  We ran in opposite directions and the single person flew up into the air.

This is one end of the rope and us looking cute in our harnesses and helmets (not!).



This is me and I am about to become a flying squirrel.


Me as a flying squirrel.


Next we walked across a pole (balance beam) and a tight wire.  Remember the 30 to 40 mph gusts?  I think most of them happened while I walked across.

I am climbing up.


Walking across the pole and then the wire.  The wind kept blowing those white ropes I was suppose to grab out of reach. 



When I finished I had to fall off backwards.  Talk about trust.  I had to reach down and trust those safety ropes and the men in charge of them.  Once I had confidence in my safety it was pretty easy to face my fears.

Next was the hardest of all.  We climbed a pole.  Once again remember the 30 to 40 mph winds.  We went up two  at a time stood on this itty bitty platform and jumped out to grab a trapeze bar.  I don’t have any photos of myself doing it, but I did it and I caught and held on to that bar.  I was very proud of myself.  Here are the pics of 2 of my team members.

Climbing to the platform.


Getting ready to jump.




After our excitement we hiked to a waterfall.


Pretty isn’t it? 

It is good to face our fears and to learn to trust.  Next time you are afraid to paint a piece of furniture or attempt a project remember to trust and have confidence in yourself and just do it.  You might just get something pretty when it is all over.



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