Monday, May 3, 2010

Enjoying the Outdoors

We finally had some beautiful weather for several days in a row.  So that meant time spent outside.  I already posted about cleaning out the flower beds.  I still have a little more to go and I need to buy a few plants and flowers. 

It was time to enjoy all of our hard work.  I took my dog for a 3 mile run in the beautiful weather and then we ate dinner in the backyard.  My son eats really slow.  He was the last to finish.


I put a candle in one of my rusty lanterns.


My dog sat waiting for someone to drop some food on the ground.  She was hungry after her run.



I decided to take some outdoor photos so I could stay outside a little longer and enjoy the evening.

This is a corner of the backyard.  I am looking for some perennial type plants to put on either side of this chair.  I looked at Lowe’s after work today and nothing  jumped out at me.


This is the trunk to the grape vine in the above  photo.  It is still a little bare.  It will be full of leaves in a couple more weeks. 


Cute birdhouse.   



I need to make some pillows for this bench.  I will be getting a new birdhouse for this pole soon.




Love my bunny.  I have had him forever. 



Can you tell I like birdhouses and hanging stuff on my fence?



I have  an UPDATE on the front porch pots.

This was before.


And after.


I added a plant cage on the left side.


And put the grape vine ball plant on a stand to make it taller. 


I think the spiky plant is getting on my nerves.  He may get replaced. 

I hope we have many more gorgeous days ahead of us.  I can’t tell you how tired I am of the wind!



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