Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Scary Place

There’s a couple of old warehouses on the edge of town, however, it is very close to a restaurant and hotel.

IMG_0330-2 copy

I have been wanting to check it out for a possible photo shoot place.  I know other photographers have used it. 

So I decided even though it was possibly I might find a vagrant or two I was going to check it out and I drug my 14 year old with me to use a model to check the lighting.

IMG_0300 copy

The back warehouse has lots of light and isn’t as gross, dirty and scary as the front warehouse.  But the front warehouse looks so cool with it’s busted out walls and ceilings with light shining through.

IMG_0322 copy

See all that bird poop on the floor?  There are layers of it on the edges of the walls.  We will probably get some kind of bird flu now. 

I liked this side of the wall too.

IMG_0327 copy

What I didn’t other than the bird poop was the broken mirror with candles all around.

IMG_0308 copy

IMG_0309 copy

This was near the pentagram.

IMG_0312 copy

And a mattress. 

I got a few more pics.

IMG_0311 copy

IMG_0314 copy

Then we left without being sacrificed or anything.

IMG_0330-2 copy copy

We drove away from the warehouse with the sun shining and feeling a little braver and maybe a little stupid too for going in there. 

Have you done anything scary lately?  You can link it up to Funky Junk’s Scary Party. 



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