Friday, June 8, 2012

A NEW Canon Rebel Is Coming to Town…the T4i

Have you been thinking about getting an entry level DSLR camera?  Well if you have been holding off and you are ready to take the plunge you should consider Canon’s newest Rebel.  The T4i is available for pre-order.  I was notified by B&H Photo online about the new camera. 

You can buy the body only.  (Click on photos below to take you to the site so you can view the price. )


Or you can get the camera that comes with the 18-135mm lens. 


Be careful though.  You might get a camera addiction like me.  I just got my new Canon 5d Mark ii last night.  I have been playing with it a little, I haven’t had much time yet to really test it.  I did get a good image of my son


and a fun pic of my dogs after their appt at the vet today.  It was time for shots. 


I added a texture to the above pic for fun. 

I hope you have a great weekend.



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