Saturday, June 2, 2012

Caromal Colour Paint by Country Living

Remember that paint I mentioned I would use if I were to paint my kitchen cabinets?  It’s called Caromal Colour Paint.  The paint works as a primer, paint and sealer all in one.  How cool is that?  The cabinet or furniture has to be clean and free of wax. 

Click on the above image from the Caromal Colour website to get more information and to see before and afters.

There is a blog that is very helpful as well and I believe you get a discount if you order from her.

Her name is Patty @ Fabulous Finishes

There is quite a bit of information to read and different paint methods that are possible.  There is one that is textured and I didn’t care for the idea of textured cabinets.  The Reclaim is smoother. 

My favorite kitchen makeover using this paint was by Jillian @ The Virginia House.  I borrowed an image from her kitchen makeover post below to encourage you to go see more.  You can click on the pic and it will take  you there. 

I would love to hear what you think about this paint or if you use it.  The possibilities seem endless. 



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