Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Camera and Strap are Headed to My House

My camera hobby has gotten out of hand.  It’s like a gambling addiction.  If I just bought one more lottery ticket kind of seems like if I could just have this camera or lens.  I still love my Canon Rebel T1i and the used Canon 50D I bought last year.  I wanted a full frame Canon.  The 5D Mark iii just came out, but it is too pricey for me so I am going with the Canon 5D Mark ii. 

Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital Camera (Body Only)

I like to order from BH Photo.  I think they have great customer service and prices.  I did play with one a couple of months ago at Best Buy.  The controls seem pretty much like my 50D so that will make things easy. 

I also ordered a Black Rapid camera strap.  It makes carrying and using your camera easier.  I am going to take pics for my friends sister’s wedding reception this summer and thought it would be helpful.  I ordered the classic strap. 

I will let you know if I think it is worth buying after I try it out. 

I should be experimenting by next weekend.  I can’t wait.  I hope my first family photo I get to take with my new camera is of my friend since the 2nd grade (about 35 years ago) and al of her family.  The doctor is 99% sure her melanoma has metastasized.  We will know more in a week or so.  Metastasized melanoma is not a good thing and difficult to treat.  Her dad was just diagnosed a few days later with colon cancer as well.  I grew up with this family and they mean the world to me.  Please pray for them.  Thank you.



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