Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Neighbor’s Have New Roof Décor

Last summer I posted about the new “thing” on the outside of my neighbor’s house.  Click here if you want to see that post.  This was the thing. 


It’s a weather station and it’s still there, but now there are more fun things to look at.

First,  is this beautiful attractive security light above the garage.

IMG_0416 copy

And next to this light is something even more interesting.


Want a clear shot of the owl with balloon boobs?  You know you do.

IMG_0422 copy

What do you think?  Like it?  Hate it? 

Here it is from the front view of the house.

IMG_0423 copy

The balloons look less like boobs from this angle, but I just don’t know why they are there.  I know owl statues are used to scare away other animals.  I live in the city so not sure what animal needs to be scared, but I am kinda scared of what they will put on their house next. 

I will let you know if they do. 



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