Sunday, June 20, 2010

Memories of My Mom’s Lake Place


My mom had a little trailer at a lake about an hour from where I live.  It is a very dry and hot area in the summer. The lot was filled with yucca plants

when she first bought it.

She transformed it to a beautiful garden.  My mom had the greenest thumb of anyone I have ever known.  She would be a great example of decorating or gardening on a budget, because let me tell you the woman was FRUGAL!   In the first photo you can see that she was making chalkboards before making chalkbaords was cool.  My mom died (ten and a half years ago) when my son was a little over 1 and a half years old so these photos are some of the only mementos I have of the short time she spent with my son.  I debated about sharing these photos because the kids are butt naked.  My mom would let them run around in the buff and play in the water.  So if this offends you then don’t read any further. 

I had to take photos of photos. 

This is my favorite photo in the whole wide world.  I commissioned this photo to be painted by a local artist.  He used pastels.  I have posted about it before.

The photo.


The Art.


Here is another view of the pond.  This is my youngest nephew swimming in the pond.


Here he is on the steps leading to the pond.


This is my next favorite photo.  My son and nephew are watering grandma’s flowers.  My son has the hose and the clenched hiney.


This is my oldest nephew and my son.  My oldest nephew spent a lot of time at the lake with my mom.  He still misses her so much.  He was 8 when she died.  He just graduated form high school this year.


And this is my son and nephew chilling out and finally dressed.


I wish I could have had many more memories at the lake with my mom, but at least I have these.  I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed sharing them.



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