Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Florida Day 3

My husband’s sunburn quit hurting so after spraying himself down with spf 70 we headed to the beach.

We are staying in Siesta Key, Florida on Crescent Beach.  The beach is lined with condos and hotels.  It is a short walk from Siesta Key, Beach which is the public beach.  We are staying in a condo on Crescent Beach.  The beaches have the title of   “The world’s finest and whitest sand”. 

I hope you aren’t getting tired of all of my photos.  I have enjoyed posting them and thought it would be nice to look back on them and remember the fun we had.

We saw several turtle nests.


An awesome sand castle.


Sand hands and feet reaching out of the sand.



I loved the lifeguard stands.  There was yellow, red, green and blue.


This baby eel almost touched my foot and I screamed.  It did touch my husband’s foot.  He didn’t scream.


My son had fun chasing the birds.


I couldn't resist getting a shot of these bright colored buckets filled with sand.


After we got ready and went to dinner.


We came back to try and net some baby fish.



And my son played in some waves.


And  my husband looked cute wading in the water.


Now we are off to bed.  My husband and son are going Tarpon fishing in the morning and I have the day to myself.  I have seen a ton of Goodwill stores here.  It is amazing how many there are.  I might have to go check some of  them out.    Is it a bargain if you buy it at Goodwill, but have to pay a butt load of money to send it home?



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