Friday, June 4, 2010

Bright Spot Submersible LED Light Ideas

Most of you know that I am obsessed with all lights.  I bet the majority of my posts are about  lighting.   So you can imagine how excited I was today when I discovered Bright Spot submersible LED accent lights made by Aqua Gems.  So many ideas where running through my head, but I just chose one project to make.  I found my stuff at JoAnn’s Fabric and Craft store.  

Here are my supplies.


Closer view of the light package.


And the beautiful rocks I bought.  They look like sea glass so this would go great with all of the costal decor I have seen.  The glass also comes in blue, but I am a green fan.


I put half of the rocks into the bowl and added the light.  I placed the rest of my rocks on top of the light.  The bummer thing is you have to fish the light out to turn it off.  



UPDATE:  I had to add this.  I had someone tell me it looks like kryptonite.  It does!!!  Now I keep thinking Superman will never come to visit.  I always thought kryptonite was cool looking when I watched Superman shows so maybe this would be fun for a kid’s room!  : )

It can be used outside.


Or inside.




These lights can be used under water and last for 48 hours.  They are not meant to be removed if under water. It is a one time use.  If not under water then they can last 100 hours.  They are advertised to go with the Aqua Gem liquid marbles. I liked the rocks better.  They aren’t meant to go with the rocks but I am a rebel.   These can be used for decor or to hold live plants.  Here are some samples from their website.

I thought these were fun and full of endless possibilities.  My favorite idea is to use them at night outside during a cookout or party.  What would you do with them? 


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