Sunday, June 6, 2010

Difficult Decisions and Love

I was reading the Sunday paper and came across an article that touched my heart.  The story is about a mom, Katy Hayes, who developed Group A Streptococcal disease.  It is a rare and dangerously fast spreading infection that sometimes preys on women weakened after a pregnancy.  It started in her uterus and spread to her limbs.  Her husband, Al, has been writing a blog about this ordeal.  He had to make the decision while she was unconscious to amputate her limbs so her life could be saved.  

  How horrible to have the joy of a birth of a child turn into such a tragedy.    Katy gave birth February 10th.  She is home and doing well.  Her daughter is beautiful and healthy.   Katy has a long road ahead of her, but with her attitude and her husband’s love she will make it.

You can read about her here:

Katy is Strong


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