Friday, September 23, 2011

I Got Impatient So I Painted Faux Pumpkins

Waiting is not something I do well.  I have been waiting for the bluish green pumpkins to be available so I could decorate with them.  I am sure they will be available tomorrow now that I don’t need them anymore, but that’s ok.  I found some really inexpensive pumpkins late last night at Walmart.  I bought them and figured I would just paint them the color I wanted. 

The orange was a bit bright, but the price was right.


I used a blue green craft paint and then a reddish brown glaze.


In the background is a pumpkin that was painted with the craft paint and the one in front has been glazed.  I sawed off the stems because I wasn’t crazy about the wild looking stem.  I have decorated my mantel and my sofa table.  I will be sharing them soon and I will still buy some real pumpkins for the front porch when the pumpkin patches open. It’s always fun to go to them.

Tomorrow morning my son and I are running the Race For A Cure 5k.  He has never ran a race before and I am so glad he will be joining me.  I also have a giveaway to post about.  So stay tuned for lots of posts coming soon.



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