Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Coke and a Smile. Oh …. And a Flash.

What a great start to the month of September.  I came home from work ready for a 4 day weekend and spotted a couple of packages on my front porch.  One was from Old Navy.  I broke down and bought some skinny jeans.  Funny thing.  I don’t feel very skinny in them! 

The other box was from a blogger friend, Jen from These Are the Days to Remember, who read that my son wanted some Coca Cola accents in his room we are eventually going to redo.  She knows we both like vintage too.  She found a really cool old Coke can at a thrift store and sent it to us!  My son and I just love it.  What a great surprise to come home to. 

Take a look.

IMG_2093 copy

IMG_2098 copy

Want to see the most interesting part?  You know you do.

IMG_2097 copy

It doesn’t have a pop top!  This Coca Cola stuff is growing on me. 

Jen also sent the cutest card with the can. 


Blogger buddies are the best.  Thanks Jen for making our day. 

On a side note.  Yesterday one of my patients that came in is professional photographer.  We were talking cameras and such and she was telling me how my photo world would change if I would learn about flash photography which is very confusing to my blogging mind that reads at least once a week how flash is bad and not your friend.  I decided I am going to learn about it and decide for myself.  I played with my external flash a bit last night and have some more reading to do this weekend.  Here’s a few fun photos I took on my porch last night with my bad ol’ flash.

IMG_2066 copy

IMG_2069 copy

IMG_2082 copy_edited-1

I have a funny for you.  I took lots of photos on my porch last night trying out different things.  As I was taking the above photo of Izzy, she started barking and took off.  I hear, “Tracy what are you doing?”  I look up and see my neighbor walking across the street with a scope in his hand from one of  his guns.  It seems he and  his wife kept seeing a red light and then strobe lights going off on my porch and moving in different places.  He got out his scope to see what the heck was going on and spotted me on the porch.  He had to come over and see what I was doing.  I was in my pajamas on the front porch at 11pm practicing flash photography of course.  Isn’t that something all neighbors do?



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