Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Break and Izzy Had Surgery

Our office closes for a couple of days every fall which gives us a 5 day weekend.  I enjoy the extra time at home.  It worked great this time because it was time for Izzy to be spayed and I felt like she had a hernia so I had the vet check during the surgery and sure enough she did and had it repaired at the same time.  She’s doing great, but she is clingy and seems a bit restless at times.  In just a few short months I have fallen head over heels in love with this puppy.  She makes me belly laugh and smile every single day.  Here’s a photo of her recovering on the couch.


I get to go to the movies here in a bit to finally see The Help.


I read the book this summer and have wanted to see the movie and just haven’t had the chance.  I am still good friends with my high school/college boyfriend’s parents and his mom and I are going to see the show today.  We will then find each other on Saturday at the Race for the Cure after my son and I run and hang out for a bit.  I love that I still have a relationship with a family that meant so much to me when I was young. 

I hope you are having a wonderful week.  I better get ready to go.



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